Mind Spy is Simon Bowden.


A professional psychological magician based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne but available for hire anywhere in the UK.  He is available for providing entertainment at corporate or hospitality events, weddings, engagements, house parties, or any special occasion.

If you’ve ever hired or seen a typical magician before, you may have grown tired of seeing the same old “tricks” with sponge balls, elastic bands or silk handkerchiefs. Simon offers something of a more modern, contemporary style which concentrates on the more psychological type of effects such as mind reading, influencing and predictions. He will use a combination of magic, suggestion and psychology to give you and your guests a unique, thought provoking experience.

Simon can offer a variety of affordable services, whether it be for a wedding, engagement, birthday party, christening or a corporate event. He can suggest whichever would work best, depending on the venue and number of guests. This might include mixing and mingling with the guests, going from table to table or even a number of separate “parlour” type shows for smaller groups.

If you would like to add a little something different to your event, please contact Simon for a bespoke, no obligation quote.

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