When it comes to corporate or
hospitality entertainment, the most
important aspect is the experience for the guests. Whether it be a: –
  • Christmas party
  • a restaurant
  • a racecourse event
  • an awards night
  • champagne reception
  • an executive box at a sporting event
  • product launch
  • or any other private function

Simon can provide a bespoke service based on the needs of the client. This can include either mixing and mingling among the guests or working from table to table.


Having Simon perform at your corporate or hospitality event will provide a talking point, help to break the ice and means the event can live long in the memory, leaving the attendees with an unusual, long-lasting and thought provoking experience. He will provide adult, modern, sophisticated psychological magic based on psychology, deception, misdirection, suggestion and influencing techniques which are a world away from top hats, rabbits and weary card “tricks”.

Book Mind Spy

Why not give your guests something a bit different from the usual and book Mind Spy for your corporate or hospitality entertainment.



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