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Well something a bit different tonight as I am out to a local venue to see a play that has been written by a friend of mine. Usually the only time I go to a theatre is to see Chubby Brown or Jimmy Carr. The play is entitled “T T T” and is said to be very dark. I presume this doesn’t mean it takes place with the lights off. I did pester him for a part in it, but there are only 4 actors in it and according to him, he preferred someone with an “acting background”. The cheek of it. Obviously he didn’t witness my seminal performance as Oliver Twist in the school play when i was 12.

And in later life i did try another, more dramatic  role and in my opinion was rather good. The reviews were unanimous. I think The Guardian summed it nicely with their words: – “Simon Bowden IS Widow Twankey.

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