Find the Best Sophisticated Magician for House Parties

Do you want to hire a magician for a party but want to avoid someone who delivers the same old clichéd tricks with silk handkerchiefs and sponge balls? Then you need look no further than Mind Spy. Mind Spy is Simon Bowden – an experienced magician who is famous for his contemporary style. He focuses on psychological effects such as mind reading and predictions. Based in Newcastle-upon-Thames, Simon is able to attend events across the UK and is on hand to provide entertainment for house parties, weddings, engagements and even corporate events such as awards dinners.

 Keep your Guests Entertained

 Whatever the nature of your event, you’ll want to provide some form of entertainment to keep your guests happy. Mind Spy is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a magician who will enthral and captivate people of all ages. With many years of experience in his field, Simon has perfected his craft and has built up a lengthy list of satisfied customers. To see what his customers are saying about his act, pay the Reviews page on the website a visit. Alternatively, don’t hesitate to call 07729 223136 to discuss your event requirements.

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