Mind Spy Psychological Magician

Are you looking for a magician with a difference? Then take a look at Mind Spy. Mind Spy is Simon Bowden, a professional psychological magician who is based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne but can be hired by clients throughout the UK. Simon can provide entertainment at a range of events and occasions including weddings, house parties and corporate meetings. If you’re trying to avoid stereotypical, clichéd magicians who will simply show you the same old tricks you’ve seen hundreds of times before, Mind Spy is for you.

Something Different from the Norm

Mind Spy offers an edgier, more modern kind of magic. His style is psychological and involves mind reading, predictions and suggestion. He offers serious, thought-provoking magic that translates into unforgettable experiences. Simon can listen closely to what you have to say to ensure that his act is a good match for the event he is appearing at. He can offer “parlour” style shows and mix and mingle with guests in order to create an electric atmosphere. Why not get in touch today for a free, no-obligation quote? More and more people are opting for Mind Spy when they’re looking for an exciting magician with real integrity. Find out more at the home page.

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