Revolutionary Magician for Weddings

If you’re looking for something a little different from a magician, Mind Spy is for you. Mind Spy AKA Simon Bowden is a popular psychological magician that attends events across the UK. He is regularly booked for everything from corporate events to weddings, business meetings and house parties. He offers a refreshing alternative to the somewhat clichéd magic tricks that you might have come to expect from the vast majority of professional magicians. If you’d rather avoid the stereotypical tricks that so many magicians rely on, take a look at Mind Spy.

An Edgier, More Exhilarating Brand of Magic

Simon travels from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne to venues across the country to showcase his unique brand of magic. His thought-provoking act leads to unforgettable experiences. Techniques on offer include predictions, suggestion and mind-reading. Simon offers bespoke performances designed with your unique wishes and requests in mind. He is able to mix and mingle with your guests and provide “parlour” style shows. Talk to Simon today if you’re interested in obtaining a free, no-obligation quote. Choosing Mind Spy means opting for an exciting, edgy experience that differs greatly from the norm. To learn more, simply head to the home page right now.

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